WPNSA COVID-19 Policy from 22nd January 2022


We are continuing to monitor Government policy towards the easing of restrictions in place to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and it remains our intention to continue to minimise the potential for the virus to be transmitted amongst those attending WPNSA.  We respectfully request that masks continue to be worn whilst moving around the building and particularly when in more crowded spaces and we ask everyone to observe the following measures.


  • If you are feeing unwell, please do not visit WPNSA.
  • Please continue to wear face masks when accessing our building, unless seated at a table in the cafeteria or seated in another internal space.
  • We ask that visitors be considerate of previous social distancing measures and respect the concerns others may have regarding COVID-19.
  • The use of hand sanitisers is recommended, and we will continue to provide these facilities in various locations.
  • We are aiming to give our staff as much protection as we can, whilst looking to operate within the circumstances prevailing.  We are small team and our ability to keep all our facilities operational is at risk if staff are required to isolate or they contract the virus.
  • Access to certain indoor spaces may be controlled, particularly areas such as the changing rooms. We ask that any limitations on numbers be observed.


We thank you in advance for your assistance.